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My name is Eva Marie Widmark and I was born in 1945 in Lund, Sweden. This is also where I currently live and where I graduated with a B.Sc. degree in geology, zoology and botany. I am multilingual and can manage in more or less nine languages. I have visited 36 countries in total and hold certificates in Qualified Hunting and Tikka 65 to be able to defend myself in the wilderness. I am also a former elite swimmer. The constant factor in my life has been the passion for photography, which is something I have learnt over the years through trial and error. I do not go anywhere without my camera.

My Background Story


The camera is both my companion and challenger. With the camera around my neck during guiding jobs I have gotten so many great opportunities of documentation. My photos from polar and tropical areas are presented at exhibitions, in publications, during lectures and slide shows. I love the result of my pictures taken with the analog camera. It is now history and I miss it with several thousand slides in my cupboards. Does anyone get nostalgic to hear the click in a slide show? Today the digital cameras give you more instant and creative possibilities, but most important is still to be open with some fantasy and foresee the moment.

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I have participated in many exhibitions since the late eighties, both solo and collective. The most noteworthy ones have to be New York, du Louvre and Monaco.

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My photos have been published many times and appear in many different places. You can find them in everything from newspapers and books, to postcards and websites. You might find my name next time you check the credits of a nature image.

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Several art critics have viewed my photos and shared their thoughts on them. To read their encouraging words has further increased my motivation to go out and find the next great picture. The critics are Stig Åke Stålnacke, member of Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art. Christian Einarson, managing direction of Villa Ancora conference and exhibition hall. Kjell Sandström, secretary at Föreningen Norden.

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The easiest way to reach me is via the information below.

Eva Marie Widmark

Warholmsväg 6B, SE-224 65 Lund