There is art, and art. There is art as decorations and as adornments on the surface. There is “art” that will allure by its beauty. But then there is the kind of art that goes with flukes directly into our hearts. There is art that will not flatter nor look pretty but wants to reach far in to the depth of our longings. That is the kind of art, such pictures – that Eva Marie Widmark creates. It is such art that she reveals nakedly in front of our eyes and captures our souls.

When I saw a large suite of her photos from our ample world, I was immediately enchanted. I was moved and felt that it was about a human being speaking to another human being.

Eva Marie Widmark’s photos have never for a second been focused on just the “sweet” nor the stylish. Although her photos often are very, very beautiful there is something else in her art of photos that touches me. It is the song of life’s beauty and poetry that she so beautifully hums into her pictures, in her photos, in her photos that are art.

I have often asked myself, if photos as art can have the pounding beats and warm sincerity of the heart. Yes, in Eva Marie Widmark’s photographs the viewed is elevated to great and PURE art. Every photo, every work of art is the song of life’s beauty, lyrics and sensible irradiation.

This raw autumn Eva Marie Widmark has come into my life with a great piece of beauty and happiness. Once in a thousand you see such art photos.

Thank you Eva Marie!

Stig Åke Stålnacke, Member of Assocation Internationale des Critiques d’Art (International Art Critical Association) 2009


The Arctic, Antarctic & Tropic exhibition at Villa Ancora 2007.

With Eva Marie’s photos we can enjoy, close to, unbelievable nature sceneries from the Arctic via the plains of Africa and from the mountain peaks of the Andes to Antarctica.

Eva Marie seems to have the ability to be at the right place at the right moment. With the camera as her best friend and companion she takes us to places, that few of us get a chance to visit in real life.

If you give a short question to Eva Marie about the world as a goal for travel, you furthermore experience her story telling enthusiasm that is unique in itself. To nearby exhibition localities Eva Marie will happily bring some of her exciting souvenirs from her journeys like whale vertebras. Most spectacular are perhaps penis bones from a seal and a walrus!

Christian Einarson, managing director of Villa Ancora conference and exhibition hall, Haglösa, Sweden



Ett 35-tal åhörare hade slutit upp i SPF:s lokaler och var mäkta imponerade av de vackra Grönlandsbilderna och av det intressanta föredraget, som Eva Marie Widmark höll söndagen den 18 januari 2004.

Written by Kjell Sandström, secretary of Föreningen Nordens website.